Lincoln Road Health & Wellness Center

nurseLincoln Road Medical Group announces plans to expand their practice to the pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach next year with the opening of the Lincoln Road Health & Wellness Center – a state-of-the-art medical clinic dedicated to providing traditional and alternative modalities in modern health.

Lincoln Road Health & Wellness Center aspires to be the top east coast pain clinic.¬†Open seven days a week, our practitioners are focused upon the effective treatment of allergies, counseling, dentistry, dermatology, massage & physical therapy, radiology, sports medicine and also offering urgent care facilities for travelers and non-obstetric women’s health.

Our sports medicine team specializes in acute pain management including targeted injury care and the treatment of chronic back pain.

Offering walk-in wellness as well as scheduled appointments extending to evening and weekend hours, Lincoln Road Health & Wellness will support the entire family whenever the need arises – not just during standard business hours.

Our new offices will be convenient to most hotels on Miami Beach and the Port of Miami, and will be ideal for Miami Beach travelers experiencing emergent conditions. We will offer immediate solutions to medical issues for both residents and travelers alike.

Lincoln Road Health & Wellness Center understands that quality care is there whenever you need it. Our licensed practitioners are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community and providing the best in traditional and alternative modes to wellness for each of our clients. We believe it is not enough to SAY we are different – we work each day to truly make a difference in your life.

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